When the doctor becomes the patient

Dr. Gia Sison - a doctor and cancer patient survivor

In the #BCMTalks sessions, a sharing of talks that focus on women’s breast cancer experience to an online group, Gia Sison (@giasison) became the recent guest speaker. Gia shared her extraordinary experience of being a patient and doctor of breast cancer. She started by taking the audience back to the very beginning. “I was diagnosed […]

Just an another knowledgable day

I never heard of a wheatgrass juicer (much less a wheat grass) before until I saw a TV infomercial about its health benefits. So you can understand my reaction about drinking the green, gooey stuff as something like stepping on bird poop on a perfectly good day. Imagine my surprise when I learned that it […]

A Practical Guide on How to Be an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who acts on a fresh idea and makes lost out of it. Business franchising is thought to be a carefree type of business because the business model, the system of operations, and the consumer following have already been established for the franchisor. This common belief however is not as accurate […]

Habit Formation

One of the main challenges that I’ve had (well, “been having”) is that I have a problem with habit formation. I know it’s the KEY to being more productive and successful. I know it’s a long term thing and I need to keep working on it and so far, I’ve been getting good results. I’ve […]

Does Milk Tea Have Any Benefits?

milk tea philippines

Milk Tea Benefits? Really? Nowadays, health is the number one priority of most people. Indeed, if one doesn’t have good health, he or she will not be able to land a good job or simply enjoy life with all of its exciting activities in store. This is the reasons why there are plenty of products […]