Habit Formation

One of the main challenges that I’ve had (well, “been having”) is that I have a problem with habit formation.

I know it’s the KEY to being more productive and successful.

I know it’s a long term thing and I need to keep working on it and so far, I’ve been getting good results.

I’ve been using “Lift” – it’s an app that keeps me in check.

Recently, I’ve been starting with a new habit, to be healthier with the food that I eat. For men my age, THAT’S HARD. Especially when we’re so used to having great “juicy” food…trade off? It’s NOT HEALTHY. Body deteriorates faster and I risk myself to diseases.

So I started building a new habit outside my recently successful one (waking up by 5:00am) – 2 actually. One is to drink more water and the next is to take in probiotics, natural ones, not sugar-filled ones.

So I started researching, fell on the YourKefirSource.com site, which is owned by the same girl. I read up, learned that I need kefir. I thought that it was the answer to what I was looking for.

I’m currently on my 2nd week. I received my grains from her 15 days ago. I’ve been making new batches daily of kefir. The hot weather here seems to be making it ferment even faster and I’m getting a LOT of new grains (they reproduce like magic!) and you know what? I feel GREAT.

I don’t know if it’s just a “mindset” thing but I do feel great. I heard that some people feel bloating or their breath smells funny but I’m perfectly ok. Maybe its because I’m used to eating a lot of cleaner food recently or maybe it’s because my body can take probiotics better.

I’ve been doing okay so far with this new habit. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to pull this off. The only thing that’s been hard for me, is that I’m a bit lazy, and making daily batches needs a REAL commitment. So I am scared that I will fall of the wagon soon.

Hopefully, I WON’T and I will overcome it. I need this. My body is responding and I know in the long run, that I’ll be better in every way.

Another problem is that I’ll be traveling soon. 3 months away? How can I keep it up? That’s why I’m reading blogs now. I need to know how they kept it up. Some of the people you get to meet through blogs are amazing, wonderful, inspirational people.

I hope to be one some day. Maybe before I get too old and be the un-hip blogger that noone wants to listen or follow.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to blogging again here soon. It’s been a while but I do I hope I can make this more regular. It’s fun to blog, and it’s good for the mind. Exercise for the mind, a father like me forgets easily…we all need that. Unless we just want to die stupid.

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