Does Milk Tea Have Any Benefits?

Milk Tea Benefits? Really?

Nowadays, health is the number one priority of most people.

Indeed, if one doesn’t have good health, he or she will not be able to land a good job or simply enjoy life with all of its exciting activities in store. This is the reasons why there are plenty of products on the market that promises to give the user a better constitution. It is surprising to see that medicines are very easy to purchase from the pharmacy, provided that you know the product’s generic name. Today, a lot of people also focus their attentions on what is known as alternative medicine. It is a new branch in medicine that aims to heal sicknesses with the help of natural products and herbs.

For example, problems with high cholesterol and blood pressure are said to be treated effectively with ginseng and other adaptogenic herbs. It is important to note that these things have medical properties that help the body heal itself without the need for surgery and other prescriptions. The news about their efficiency has made alternative medicines a household name.

If you look at some stores and restaurants today, it is easy to see that most of the products promise to give a person a better life by giving them better health and a fitter body.

There are plenty of cafes and bistros that offer vegetarian diets and fruit juices that can cleanse the body of toxins. However, people are not ready to accept these diets because of their love for taste and flavor.

Fortunately, there is such a thing as milk tea, which is an Asian beverage that is now offered in coffee shops worldwide. It possesses a bittersweet taste, and it is often served as a cold drink, making it an ideal drink during warm days. (Note:We encountered blog posts about milk tea the other day and we’re ecstatic to say that we got hooked (again) since we missed it so much!!)

However, because this beverage is simply cold tea that has been laced with milk, there are those who question its health benefits.

In fact, many experts have gone so far as to conduct experimentation and additional research just to come up with a proof whether the beverage is good or bad for the health. Most of these studies involve studying the health benefits of milk and tea individually. After mixing the two, scientists would see if the ingredients would negate each other’s benefits.

In the years 1998 and 2001, research showed that while many people believed that tea that has been combined with milk is healthy, there is no scientific evidence that will back up this theory. In addition, catechin, which is a chemical in tea that is responsible for its health benefits, will still be absorbed by the body even when mixed with milk.

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Since catechin is the most important compound in the beverage, there’s no reason to believe that a consumer will not enjoy the good that comes with drinking tea.

However, in recent studies, it is found that milk can indeed negate the health benefits of tea. For one thing, it is found that mixing lemon with tea, as what the Europeans love to do, can prevent diabetes because of an enhanced insulin activity. However, milk reduces insulin-potentiating processes by approximately ninety percent.

Tea, particularly green tea, has always been know to reduce the risk of heart illnesses. It is even proven that regular intake of green tea can prevent stroke and heart attacks. However, black tea, which is often mixed with milk, is shown to remove this health benefit altogether.

In conclusion, studies have shown that milk tea negates the ability of tea to reduce the risk of heart diseases. However, this does not mean that the beverage is completely useless, as it’s other health benefits are still intact. Plus, milk has sugars that are great for the body’s metabolism and digestive processes. So be sure to only use the best quality for your business. Remember, for your health, keep everything controlled. Anything too much is bad for you.

We’re going to create a few more posts about starting your own milk tea business soon. For now, you can start making your own at home. We’re doing it now everyday. We love it and it does save us a bit of cash! Haha!

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